Block Offer 2017

The Block Offer 2017 tender for petroleum exploration permits is open.

National map

Block Offer 2017 comprises a total acreage of 481,735 km² and includes two onshore, five offshore and one offshore/onshore release areas.

The acreage being tendered is:

  • The Northland-Reinga Offshore Release Area (17NRN-R1) – 150,566 km²
  • The Taranaki Offshore Release Area (17TAR-R1) – 64,978 km²
  • The Taranaki Onshore Release Area (17TAR-R2) – 1,021 km²
  • The Taranaki North Release Area (17TAR-R3) – 1,475 km²
  • The Pegasus - East Coast Offshore Release Area (17PEC-R1) – 49,630 km²
  • The Hawke Bay Offshore Release Area (17PEC-R2) – 5,569 km²
  • The Southland Onshore Release Area (17SLD-R1) – 3,568 km²
  • The Great South - Canterbury Offshore Release Area (17GSC-R1) – 204,928 km²

Release areas do not include:

  • Any land listed in Schedule 4 of the Crown Minerals Act 1991 (including national parks, nature reserves, wildlife sanctuaries and marine reserves).
  • World Heritage sites.
  • Areas of importance to Māori identified in section 3.1 of the Minerals Programme for Petroleum 2013.

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